Lots of new special elections in Connecticut, Georgia, and more

Thanks to a wave of state lawmakers being appointed to higher office (and others fall to controversy), special elections are popping up across the country. There are only a few obviously competitive races, but they’re all worth noting.

February 12th:

Georgia House of Delegates, District 176 (GOP-held)
Texas House of Representatives, District 125 (GOP-held)

February 26th:

Connecticut House of Representatives Districts 39, 99 (Dem-held)
Connecticut State Senate Districts 3, 5, 6 (Dem-held)

March 5th:

Kentucky State Senate District 31 (Dem-held)

March 12th:

Orange County (CA) Board of Supervisors, District 3 (GOP-held)
Mississippi State Senate, Districts 71 (GOP-held) and 101 (Dem-held)

March 26th: 

South Carolina State Senate, District 6 (GOP-held) (GOP primary on Jan. 22nd)

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